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About Shurbond

Become A Shurbond Dealer & Start Refinishing Tubs the Right Way!

Since its founding in 1972, Munro Products (a division of Tub Refinishing, Inc.) has continued to create the most innovative and effective bathtub refinishing products.  Their ShurBond® line of products has made Munro the industry leader in tub and tile refinishing.

Why the ShurBond Bathtub Refinishing System is Superior.

– Efficient, Cost Effective, Durable, & Versatile

Manufacturing a cost effective and high quality bath-ware coating system is no easy task. Munro Products’ years of experience has enabled them to successfully produce an industry leading product, while maintaining very low dealer price point.  The ShurBond® refinishing system will return stained, worn, and chipped plumbing fixtures to a “like new” condition, and do so affordably and efficiently.

Bathtub refinishing materials run roughly $15.00 – 20.00 per bathtub; an average of 8-12 bathtubs can be refinished from each gallon of ShurBond® Ultra-Glas 2000® Topcoat.  This low price point and high yield has proven to be a recipe for success, resulting in high profits for the applicators.

Caring for newly refinished fixtures will be easy. Just wipe them clean with any liquid cleaner and a soft cloth or sponge, and instantly the glossy porcelain-like finish is clean. There is typically no need for scrubbing with harsh abrasive cleaners.

Finally, the ShurBond® finishes are available in 100’s colors, from older styles to the latest trends in modern designer colors, and fully warranted by local nationwide independent dealers throughout the USA and Canada.

ShurBond® Key Features

  • All topcoat finishes are 100% colorfast.
  • Super Acceleration available with “Fast Dry” Topcoats
  • An extremely high gloss “like new” finish that is tough as nails!
  • Available in hundreds of colors to match any job.
  • Exceptional Customer Service and Support!



ShurBond Specialty Coatings
One ShurBond® specialty coating system that is widely used in the industry is our SurfaceWorks multi-texture finishes for applications of counter tops, shower bases, wall and floor tiles. The SurfaceWorks finish, with its various color combinations, is blended to achieve the natural appearance of Granite or Stone. SurfaceWorks is very popular with high traffic residences such as apartment complexes, hotels, colleges, as well as residential homes nationwide. This finish covers unsightly grout, caulk, and other minor surface blemishes, giving each fixture a beautiful multi-texture. Each texture consists of individual flecks of different colors to choose from. View Colors

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