Accelerator CX-77 – 4 oz.


Fastest acceleration in the industry. Bar none!



CX-77 changes pot-life in your spray gun down to 15-30 minutes max.  Adding 6-10 drops per Pint of topcoat decreases dry time to 4 to 6 hours.

Super fast Dry Accelerator/Miracle Cure CX-77
Miracle Cure CX-77 Chemical Dry: Add 6 drops per 10 oz. Base Color & 2 oz. Hardener M-15000 (5 to 1).
4 Hours to Cure @ 3 to 1 Ratio –
pull paper and caulk in 30 minutes or less

Do not use with “fast dry” Topcoats
Do not exceed 10 drops per pint
Clean equipment immediately after use

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