Bathworks EZ Etch


Gently Etches Porcelain, Ceramic, and Glass. Promotes Bonding!

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EZ Etch is a fast acting specially formulated etching compound designed to gently etch Porcelain and Ceramic bathtubs and tiles.

Used to remove any residual finish that remains on PORCELAIN or CERAMIC surfaces prior to the refinishing process.
In combination with good preparation, Bathworks EZ Etch creates an undeniable bond that achieves that “like factory new” finish for your customers

* Consistency is similar to hand-cream

* Promotes Bonding – Control and Ease of Use is unparalleled

* For the best results, mix well before use

* Rinses with Water


Pint=1 standard size bathtub
Quart= tub & tile or 2 standard size bathtubs
Gallon= 8 standard size bathtubs

CAUTION: Corrosive.  DO NOT use without proper respiratory equipment, eye protection and protective gloves. Keep away from children and animals.


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Pint, Quart, Gallon