Ventilation Fan w/Hose


12″ diameter portable ventilation fan with 32′ hose



Keeping control of the odor/overspray in a customer’s house, apartments, and hotels is not easy and only half of the battle. The technician’s comfort, and most importantly their safety, being the other half. Poor air quality is a direct link to a poor outcome!

Without question the best odor/overspray eliminator is our top of the line commercial vent system. Exhaust fans help ventilate and cool tight spraying areas, keeping the air comfortable. Made with a durable steel housing, two-speed blowers, and is extremely lightweight and portable with an easy-carry handle. Rubber feet on base help minimize noise and reduce vibrations. Includes 10’L power cord. Ducting easily converts blower to an exhaust fan with convenient, flexible ducting. Ducts include quick-connect coupling for easy blower attachment.